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Ties beyond style

We are a Berlin-based tie brand dedicated to women. Handmade in Germany with great attention to detail, our ties transform any outfit into a confident statement.

How To

Put on easily

Look fabulous

Store nicely

The Product

JUNIE translates the shape and elegance of a classic 18th century jabot into a contemporary statement.
Our modern designs and fabrics equipped with a size-adjustable collar allow flexible combination with shirts and turtlenecks of different styles.

The Material

For the current collection JUNIE uses 100% natural silk. A small traditional textile company from Como (Italy) supports JUNIE in sourcing as well as with printing of the materials.
The next generation of ties includes, in addition to silk, the environmentally friendly textile TENCEL™.

The Packaging

The packaging of our women's tie is produced by a Berlin-based manufacturer with a focus on recycled and renewable raw materials in environmentally friendly processes.
The paper packaging with display is not only an attractive gift box, but also allows for convenient storage.

What our customers think

  • "Currently I work in the office on tasks that require a lot freedom of movement. Thus, I prefer to wear a comfortable denim shirt and jeans. With the JUNIE tie and a matching lipstick it looks really classy. Smart casual at its best!"

  • "The other day I posted a photo with a JUNIE tie on Facebook. One of the comments has been, " I see something of a Suffragette in this picture". What a compliment!"

  • "You guys are awesome 😍😍😍 Such great ties and idea. I can't even decide which one I think is the prettiest. Totally celebrate this!"

  • "I just found out about your brand and your really amazing ties. I had to order one right away. It is not just that the ties look good, what you do has also such an impact on the emancipation of women."

  • "I'm a performer in the body positivity space and have been looking for a suitable accessory for my show. The “Fluo Sun” is just perfect! It shines from afar and gives a great contrast to my black outfit."

  • "I run a fashion & lifestyle business and test a lot of new clothes and accessories. When I saw your ties, I wanted to have one right away. I really like the colours of the Triple Sea. Especially the combination with a filigree necklace."

  • "Many women my age wear scarves or light shawls to cover their décolleté. However, this "old lady look" doesn't appeal to me. Your ties for women are a great alternative. Today I'm proudly wearing the Flower Line with a white turtleneck and loose blazer."




We don't ship officially outside European Union (EU) yet!

If you'd like to place an order please email us at hello@junieties.com